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Fun Tournament Rules



(updated 12 June 2023)


The Official Rules and Regulations for Regular Season, as published by Little League Baseball and Softball, will apply to all games.  District 9 (D9) will use the Minor League Rules for the 8/10 year old tournament games.  D9 will use the Little League Rules for the 10/12 year old tournament games.  NO LOCAL RULES WILL APPLY DURING THE TOURNAMENT GAMES.

The following D9 rules and guidelines will apply to all games:

1.  Managers and coaches should come from the same level of play as the players. 

2.  Team rosters:

            a.  To be eligible, a player must have been a currently registered member of the league during the regular season for which he/she is participating, and of appropriate age for the tournament.  Player eligibility questions will be referred to the District Administrator.

            b.  Minimum of nine (9) players per roster.  (*Maximum roster size is optional)

            c.  The minimum play rule, IAW Regulation IV(i), is: each player must play six (6) defensive outs and bat once (teams are strongly encouraged to play each player for a minimum of nine (9) defensive outs. 

            d.  The league president is responsible to ensure all players on their team(s) are legal by age and residency.  Age is determined by their current league age for the Spring season. 

            e.  Players selected for the All-Star Tournament are ineligible to participate in the tournament.

            f.  The continuous batting order will be used in both age groups of the tournament.  Each player will bat in their respective spot in the batting order throughout the game – unless injury or other acceptable reasons make this not possible. 

                        1.  If a player is injured at bat, they will be replaced by the next batter, and assume the existing count.

                        2.  If a player is injured while on base, they will be replaced by the last batter currently not on base. 

                        3.  A player may enter, or re-enter, the game defensively during the game, provided he/she meets the requirements of mandatory play per Rule 2(c).

            g.  During the tournament, teams may request permission from the District Administrator to add additional players to a team roster.  League presidents must certify in writing the reason(s) for the request, and any such player has:

                        1.  Met all requirements to participate in the tournament regarding registration in the league and league age.

                        2.  Not been a member of any other tournament team prior to being added to this team.

            h.  All teams should be in matching uniforms (jerseys).  Hats from the players regular season team may be worn, and do not need to match the uniform jersey. 

3.  Game preliminaries:

            a.  Teams must be at the assigned field at least 45 minutes prior to the assigned game time.

            b.  As soon as both managers, or a team representative are present, a coin flip will take place to determine the HOME team.  The HOME team will occupy the first base dugout.

            c.  Batting cages will NOT be available for use at the game sites.  (HOME team All-
Star teams may use their own batting cages, but not at the disruption of the tournament games).  No batting practice of any sort, or swinging of bats, will take place at the game site.  This includes the use of hit sticks, soft toss, or wiffle balls.

            d.  30 minutes prior to game time:  The HOME team will take the field for ten (10) minutes of practice.  The VISITOR team will clear the field completely, including any on-field bullpens. 

            e.  20 minutes prior to game time:  The VISITOR team will take the field for ten (10) minutes of practice.  The HOME team will clear the field completely, including any on-field bullpens.

            f.  10 minutes prior to game time:  the PA announcer (if available) should introduce the players, managers, coaches, umpires, and the Tournament Director.  Players, managers and coaches will occupy the appropriate baseline, and remain for the Little League Pledge. 

4.  There will be a four (4) run maximum in innings one through five.  (The inning ends when either the third out is completed, or the fourth run crosses Home Plate.)  In the event the fourth run scores on a Home Run, allow the runners to run the bases, but nothing after the fourth run will count.  There will be an eight (8) run maximum in the sixth inning, and any inning after. 

            a.  Rule 4.10(e) will apply to all games (the 15/10/8 run rule).

            b.  If a team cannot catch-up (i.e. is trailing by 9 runs or more at the end of the 5th inning) the game is over.

5.  Teams may play with 8 players with no out recorded for the 9th spot.  Players may NOT be borrowed from opponent.  Games may NOT continue with less than 8 players.

6.  Rule 6.05(b)(2) will be enforced in the 10/12 tournament.  This is the uncaught 3rd strike rule.

7.  Rule 6.02(c) will not be enforced; however, umpires will encourage batters to comply, and maintain one foot in the batter’s box. 

8. Courtesy runners will be permitted for pitcher’s and catcher’s with two outs, after the first time through the order. We are using continuous batting order, so the runner MUST be the player who made the last out.

9.  Both tournaments will utilize the straight double elimination format.  D9 reserves the right to alter the tournament format, in the event inclement weather (or other unforeseeable delays) makes it impossible to complete the tournament(s) within the allowed timeframe.

10.  Host league responsibilities:

            a.  Field preparation.  All efforts should be made to have the field prepared as if it was a regular season game.

            b.  Having concessions available, if possible.

            c.  Announcers for all games if a PA system is available.

            d.  Scorekeepers for all games.  If the host league cannot provide a scorekeeper –

                        1.  Each team will provide one volunteer to assist at the scorer’s table.

                        2.  The HOME team is the official scorekeeper.   

                        3.  The VISITOR team is responsible for the official pitch count.  The pitch counter will consult with each team after each half inning. 

            e.  A pitch counter for all games.  The pitch counter can also serve as the announcer.  The manager will be responsible to keep a log of pitch counts for all games.

            f.  Each team will provide three (3) new Little League approved baseballs for each game.  The baseballs can be either/or RS, or RS-T, approved Little League baseballs.

            g.  Provide water for umpires.

11.  Umpire procedures.

            a.  All leagues supporting the tournament must provide umpires.  The D9 UIC will schedule leagues to provide umpires for all games.

            b.  A minimum of two (2) umpires should be assigned to each game.

            c.  Qualified Junior Umpires may be used, but an adult umpire, or adult game coordinator, must be assigned by the assigned league. 

            d.  Any protests will be resolved immediately by the Umpire-in-Charge, except in the championship games when a Tournament Director will be assigned.  There are no appeals to the District Administrator. 

12. D9 will be responsible for all game scheduling and umpiring assignments.  Do not change the schedule without approval of the Tournament lead.

13. Certificates will be awarded to each tournament champion and runner-up.

            D9 would like to emphasize this is a Fun Tournament and should not be considered an All-Star Tournament.  The main objective is to offer an enjoyable, and exciting experience for the players and their families.  The vast majority of those participating in Little League baseball do not get the opportunity to participate in an All-Star Tournament.  This tournament provides those players the opportunity to participate in an organized tournament at the District level.

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