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Sep, 2018

Latest Info from LLHQ on c-flaps

The issue of c-flaps on batting helmets has raised questions about whether alterations to a NOCSAE certified helmet voids the certification, and thereby makes the helmets illegal for use in Little League games.  Little League has been considering the issue - remember that LL does not certify helmets, and must abide by the judgement of NOCSAE and helmet manufacturers - and has just issued guidance.  Information can be found through the following link -


For those preparing for tournament play, please be advised that helmets that are modified to include the c-flap or other post-manufacturer additions must be able to demonstrate that the manufacturer asserts that the addition does not void the NOCSAE certification.  Without such a statement, in writing, the helmets are not permitted in tournament play and should not be brought to games.  Please read the material on this issue and advise your managers and families.  Tournament officials will be instructed to remove helmets that cannot demonstrate that the NOCSAE certification is still in place, just as helmets with other defects are removed.

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